Blog - Elven Sorrow:

by Rastain
8th May 2014, 3:19 PM

Elven Sorrow 1

We let the world change us…

Our religion.

Our politics.

In our pride we fought the darkness, but it invaded our minds and souls. The darkest aspects of our minds became the very essence of our society.





Above all else…


We were once a proud nation, united as one. In ages past we stood together. Race, religion and politics never divided us. Our differences were what united us. Those days are passed, we are a divided people whose differences have splintered us like reeds cast upon the river.

Justice and truth have been twisted and cast aside. We no longer look out for our brother and sister, instead we use and abuse them. In the end our only goal is our own self gratification.

We look to our Kings and Princes as would be messiahs. We look the other way as they plunder our lands and people. We mock our priests and despise our sages as they speak out in warning.

We are no longer a free people. We have been imprisoned by our own hands.  We have locked ourselves behind our gates in false security.

Our joys have become our sorrows.

Our past triumphs and achievements have become something we despise.

We leave behind only a legacy of death and war.

We once claimed that we were gods. We wore the mantle of  “the first born”.  We are now the first to perish.

In our memories we will relive our days of glory as we march once again to war.

This maybe the end.

This maybe the beginning.

This is the sorrow of our nation.